Video Issues

Here are some common issues and fixes that have been reported to us.

ISSUE: Videos do not appear on page

Possible cause : Adobe Plugin not installed.

Possible fix: Go to
Uncheck the “Optional offers” Click install now


ISSUE: Video Window is displayed but video will not play

Possible cause : Flash Player is outdated or not allowed.

Possible fix 1 : Go to
Uncheck the “Optional offers” Click install now

Possible fix 2 : Allow Flash player on this site Example


ISSUE : Video playback is very poor or video stutters

Possible cause : low internet bandwidth

test: Go to
Click “Begin Test”. If your “DOWNLOAD SPEED” is less than 3.0 Mbps the videos may take an extended time to load.

Possible fix 1: Check with your internet service provider to verify your internet speed.

Possible fix 2: Start video playing then pause video. Allow a short amount of time for video to buffer then resume playing.